Appleton 1000 Floodlights



Appleton 1000 Floodlights for ordinary location yang diballast secara integral memberikan pencahayaan yang efisien di area yang luas. Perlengkapan yang kokoh, tertutup, dan berpegas ini sangat ideal untuk digunakan di lingkungan industri yang tidak berbahaya. Areamaster memiliki housing aluminium tahan korosi, one piece, pressure cast, aluminium bebas tembaga dengan lapisan poliester perunggu arsitektur. Parabola majemuk dan desain segmen ganda, dengan reflektor aluminium Alzak selesai, memberikan distribusi cahaya yang optimal dan efisiensi.

Appleton 1000 Floodlight

Appleton 1000 Floodlights


  • Typical applications include shopping malls, parking lots, sports areas, new car lot lighting, security lighting and industrial process lighting
  • Highly efficient, integrally ballasted floodlight. Has compact, lightweight, yet rugged diecast aluminum construction. Combines architecturally beautiful design with rugged dependability, simple installation and maintenance
  • A wide range of ballasts and voltages are available for both domestic and export applications
  • Integral ballast
  • One-piece housing with one-piece lens cover. The cover is secured by four 1/4″ diameter captive stainless steel slotted hex-head bolts
  • Thermal shock and impact resistant glass lens
  • Heavy duty, high temperature silicone rubber gasket is firmly seated
  • Heavy duty mogul-base porcelain socket with heavy gauge brass, nickel-plated, double lamp-grip screw shell and springloaded center contact
  • Compound parabolic, double segment, finished aluminum reflector for optimum efficiency
  • Choice of yoke mount (zinc plated steel with architectural bronze polyester finish or pole mount with built-in slip-fitter, for internal wiring, adjustable laterally and vertically; slip fits 50.8 mm (2.00″) thru 63.5 mm (2.50″) pipe architectural bronze polyester finish
  • 3/4″ NPT tapped hub for power entry

Specifications Appleton 1000 Floodlights

NEC Certifications and Compliances
Rated for Ordinary (Unclassified) Locations
Specific Wattages
1000 W HPS or PSMH
120/208/240/277 V, 60 Hz; 480 V, 60 Hz
Standard Materials and Finishes
Copperfree (4/10 of 1% max.) aluminum housing and lens door architectural bronze polyester finish, finished aluminum reflector, silicone rubber gasket and stainless steel bolts. The socket is nickel-plated heavy duty porcelain with heavy gauge brass shel
Floodlight Mounting
Yoke mount, zinc plated steel yoke with architectural bronze polyester finish

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