Qinsun GLD8560 LED Weather Proof Low-Mid High Bay

Jual Lampu Gantung Led Weather Proof Qinsun GLD8560 LED Low-Mid High Bay Lighting

Model:     GLD8570B
Merk:     Qinsun

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Lampu Gantung Led Weather Proof Qinsun GLD8560 LED Low-Mid High Bay Lighting merupakan lampu LED Explosion Proof yang dapat diandalkan untuk berbagai kebutuhan.

Kami adalah Perusahaan Supplier Material Electrical Explosion Proof, Lampu LED Explosion Proof, General Electrical Supplier, Lampu Jalan Led Tenaga Surya, Solar Cell / Panel.

Salah satu produk lampu yang kami jual adalah Lampu Gantung Led Weather Proof Qinsun GLD8560 LED Low-Mid High Bay.

Design Feature

STPT heat sink technology : Advanced super thermal phase transition technology, high cooling effeciency, low and uniform temperature, ensure long lifespan of LED.
Latest LED technology : DC LED Light engine, high light efficiency, reaches 133 lumen/watt.
High voltage driver : Lower current, effeciency > 97%.
Unique tri-chamber structure : Independent chamber for LED module, driver and wiring, high reliability and easy installation and maintenance.
Nano-scale anti-glare phosphor coating : absorb harmful blue light with white light excitation, increase total lumen output, soft lighting.
Compact size : light weight, weight is 25% less than traditional heat sink, and volume is 20% less.


Locations requiring continuous and consistent light levels in extreme ambient temperatures, such as manufacturing plants, mining sites, heavy industrial or petrochemical facillities, marine environments, platform, loading docks, tunnels, and other outdoor areas.

( Lokasi yang membutuhkan terus menerus dan konsisten tingkat cahaya dalam suhu lingkungan yang ekstrim , seperti tanaman manufaktur , pertambangan , berat facillities industri atau petrokimia , lingkungan laut , platform, memuat dermaga , terowongan , dan area outdoor lainnya . )

Certifications And Compliances

  • CE
  • IP66

Electrical Ratings

  • Voltage : 100-277VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Input Power : 30W/3300Lm, 60W/6600Lm. 80W/8800Lm, 100W/11000Lm, 120W/13200Lm, 150W/16500Lm

Instalation Type

  • Pendant


  • 30W/60W – Housing 1 = 2,8 kg
  • 80W/100W – Housing 2 = 3,2 kg
  • 120W/150W – Housing 3 = 4,0 kg
  • Excluded mounting accessories